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Merry Christmas

Today a lot of children are waking up to see that Santa has left them some special treats, their stockings are filled and they finally get to open those presents that have been tempting them that are just sitting under the tree. Their elves  have gone back to be with Santa and there are family visits with traditional dinners, laughter and frustrated parents putting those presents together, (really there are some small pieces to those toys).

The best present of all (besides the birth of Jesus) this year and every year is my family. In light of the tragedy that happened a few weeks ago, maybe I’m realizing or appreciating them more than before. We are so commercial, children think a good Christmas involves tons of presents, getting everything on their lists, but there are so many, many children who have less and are happy. It’s not about presents, yes they are nice, and it’s fun to see the delight on a child’s  face when the rip into a package, but this year try to step back and just look around see the people who are with you and be oh so grateful they are there. I am blessed to have a son who is so full of life and energy (sometimes way too much energy) who is happy and wants the people around him to be happy. I am thankful for my husband who works hard for this family and both of these guys are healthy and happy and living and that is a wonderful thing.

Be grateful for your friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters, parents, children and your pets because we are not guaranteed to make it past the day, life can be instantly taken away from us love the ones around you, hug them, cry with them, smile with them. Make memories, know that tomorrow might not come and be joyous when it does.

I hope each of you has a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the time you have with your families.


Elf on the Shelf 2012 – Day 4

Day 4

Oh my child said a bad word yesterday, it was shocking and out of character, but he was very remorseful about it. Fortunately that gave me an excuse for Snap to cause mischief, granted a little vandalism, nothing big, but I do have to clean it up later.

Addison woke up this morning and did do a brief glance but he went into the bathroom to do his business and lo and behold there was Snap, hanging out. You can’t tell by the picture, but there is a poorly drawn Christmas tree under the word “ELVES RULE” and under the tree it says, “Don’t say bad words” then “Snap Rocks!” “woo!” and “Santa’s cool!” I am not the best at coming up with cool things to write on mirrors, but Addison did get the point that Snap heard his bad word yesterday.

It was cute, now I have to think of something less messy for tomorrow.

Elf on the Shelf 2012 – Day 3


Day 3 – Nice and simple, Addison woke up first thing again, and went immediately through the house turning on all the lights and the first stop he made was to look at the top of the tree. Alas, Snap was not there, he didn’t even think to look in the kitchen. Finally he went in there for breakfast and Snap was sitting on a Christmas tray on the counter with a bag of cookies and this little note. I actually tried to make several notes, where they were all frilly and what not, but it didn’t look right.

Addison ran to my room and said, “OH Snap is so kind, so kind. He made me some cookies and he says that they are yummy. Isn’t that kind mom?”

Wait until tomorrow son, Snap might make a little mischief.

Elf on the Shelf 2012 – Day 2



Day two has arrived and Addison jumped out of bed as soon has he could (which is a feet since he has a loft bed 6 feet in the air), in search of dear old Snap, wondering what this whole Elf business is and if it’s for real.

Oh, Snap where could you be? Of course the first thing he saw was the box, miraculously empty (and I do apologize for these grainy cell phone pictures) and he looked for about 15 minutes and was about to give up when…. he spotted him atop the tree.

“Oh silly Snap, how did he ever get all the way up there? Mom it’s high up, how high is the top of the tree? Only 7 1/2 feet, did he climb did he appear, did he really tell Santa about me? I tried asking him to come down but he won’t.”

Day two is coming to a close, and Addison is already trying to figure out where Snap will be tomorrow. I know he’ll be causing some mischief, but I haven’t decided when that will occur. So far this is fun, but we have a ways to go.